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Win at Home Toolbox

At Anchor Church, we aim to Love and Lead you with the Hope of Jesus.


With that mission in mind, we want to help you to Win at Home. 

Use these resources to help you win where it matters most every day: your home.

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Real Life Podcast - Jeff and Alyssa Bethke 

To Hell with the HustleJeff Bethke - "God has a speed, and it's not hustle."

Hope in the Darkness - Craig Groeschel - "Confident expectation of a promise that we know will be fulfilled." 

Anchor Church's Parents Guide Library - Subject guides for parents of pre-teens and teens

RightNow Media:

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Future Family - Andy Stanley - Whole Series (6 Sessions)

Raising Kingdom Kids - Tony Evans - Whole Series (6 Sessions)

Keeping Place - Jen Pollock Michel - Rest (17:47)

Faithful Family - Dave Stone teaches moms and dads how they can become the parents that their children want and need. (5-part Course)

Toolbox Tips:

These Toolbox Tips are small habits that will help you make winning at home an everyday reality.

Tips for Today:

  • Start your day grateful: Pray together. Use the time to share and praise God for one thing you're grateful for.

  • Bible before phone: Set an alarm and even a morning lock on every app except the Bible.

  • Make the most of car time: turn off the music and start a conversation with people in the car or on the phone. If you are alone use the silence to pray and hear from God.

  • Build relationships: Spend one a mealtime a week (breakfast or coffee, lunch, and dinner) with someone who isn't in your family.

  • Give encouragement: On the first day of every month, tell someone face to face why they matter to you and praise them for something good they have done.

  • Get to know your neighbors: Don't just wave at your neighbor. Stop and have a conversation.

  • Lend your neighbor a hand: On your yard days, offer to cut your neighbor's grass, pressure wash something that needs it, or wash their vehicle.

  • Do a random act of kindness: Pay for someone's coffee or meal in the drive-thru or the groceries of someone in your checkout line.


Tips after Social Distancing:


  • Bless people and your food: When you eat with others, pray a blessing over them.

  • Make the most of Sunday: Pick out one person at your gathering you don’t know, introduce yourself, and make conversation.

  • Give people full attention: When you are in a social situation, make it a rule for everyone to turn off their phones, put them in a basket, stack them on the table or just leave them in the car.

  • Do life together: Each week, give up a solitary activity you enjoy to spend uninterrupted time with people you enjoy.

  • Invite neighbors to your celebration: Ask them to join you for random cookouts or holidays like Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, or Halloween.